I studied in Monol for more than two months and during this time, I met a lot of teachers. I had really good teachers whom I can talk to, share secrets and hang out with. Before coming to Monol, I already heard impressions of other students about the teachers. True enough, I can feel their enthusiasm and passion for teaching. They are very patient as well.

As you can imagine, studying continuously for five days a week is really tiring. So it really helps when my teachers share their thoughts to motivate me to study more. Two of my kindest teachers are Kirstie and Rheniza. We usually share our life experiences and little secrets with each other. I believe that when I go back to China, I will keep in touch with them and continue this friendship we built.

One weekend, I was lucky to experience Filipino culture when I joined my teacher in their house church, where they also regularly invite people of different nationalities. I liked the place very much and as I am a space designer, I promised her that after I graduate, I will go back to help them renovate their building. I really look forward to this day.

Sam is also another good friend of mine. On his birthday, he invited me to his home where we enjoyed the local food, cakes, and tarts. It was really great!

Lastly, there is one teacher I can consider as my life mentor – Joener. He doesn’t only teach me IELTS as he really tries to understand me. He also helps me identify my problems and overcome them so I can move towards a better direction.

There are other lovely teachers I met and hung out with. I really appreciate the memories.

I experienced a lot in Monol and I know that I have improved a lot – not only my English skills but also on how to make friends with people from different countries and cultures. During my three months here, I had a routine different from what I was used to in the past. Still, I hope that such good habits will be maintained.

Three months is neither too long nor too short. During this time, I really had a lot of incredible and first-time experiences here. At first, I was a bit afraid but now I am very fond of this place. I do feel that Monol also loves me.

As I leave Monol, I don’t want to be sad with nostalgia. Every student who comes here to learn will also have to leave someday. So my advice to them is, don’t dwell on the sadness and instead, look forward to preparing well for your next journey. Valuable memories will always remain in our hearts.